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domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011



This is a rare virtud that can be considered an intangible, something etherial in a material world gobernad by numbers. Numbers are something tangible, closer, mensurable, easy to understand, and trust.

All this is shown at the article written at COTIZALIA (www.cotizalia.com), yesterday November 17, 2011, entitled " EL BCE hace acto de presencia y la prima se repliega por debajo de los 460 puntos ".

Personally, I think, the markets want to show Mr. Rubalcaba that they´re not very happy with the economical performance of the former goverment. It seems, that they´ve been very ineffective.

"Trust", can only be understood inside the Anglo-Saxon world, like any other economical aspect.
They know for real, what´s the effect of mistrust in their economical environment. But, in contrast, Latin countries are much more tolerant with líes and mistrust.

To lie in economy is devastating, because the customers lose trust, and since then they stop believing everything and your product or service won´t be worth anymore, no matter if you have all the guaraníes you can imagine.

This is one of the reasons why the markets don´t give a damn about the debt level we could reach against Germany. Additionally, the EU relationship with Greece has not been quite beneficial in both sides. so the escenario is fulfilled with doubts, líes and a complete and absolute loose of trust.

by Octavio Ignacio Ruiz Ruiz email:oirmab@gmail.com

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