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First things first, we need a definition:
WEB 2.O:

This term is intimately associated to the Internet, to the web pages you can find inside the network and to the relationship with the surfers and the rest of the world. The web pages are specifically designed to be social, so they allow the surfers to be linked like in social networks.
All this means that:

1) Communication is bidirectional, it works in both sides.

2) You can establish collaborative strategies together with other surfers without physical       contact , the only link is the internet content, that means through an intellectual way.

The partnership in this area means that u
sers are not simple spectators, now they take part, they provide contents, no matter what kind, about cars, bikes, airplanes, economy, etc…Consequently, that causes that people with great knowledge in a specific area can share it without working in a classic source like a newspaper. The reward to the person that provides the know how is aknowledgment and if it is very sustained it will sure bring some time of economical payoff.

It’s in this environment where the social networks are born. Different groups with various interests take place, they talk, write or shout to each other, but through the internet, providing a huge vitality to the network, never seen before…

The Social Network concept comes from the Social Media Marketing (SMM). Some examples are already well known:


The term  WEB 2.O was conceived by Tim O´Reilly in 2004. Following his own words, it’s a concept in a continued and almost daily evolution, due to the fact that the social networks and the users’ imagination make every concept immediately obsolete.
The WEB 2.O concept gets the game rules changed inside the online world

We’ve seen the technological shift of INTERNET use and that caused the following  :
1. If someone unknown is able to provide VALUE with a content, that person will be rewarded by the users based on his intellect and skills, no matter what social class, economical position, organization, etc…The network establishes a peer system depending upon knowledge and abilities.
2. The GROUPS are socialized. The lobbies cannot create enough barriers to keep any persona round the world from setting their doubts, information, wathever. The dykes to attain wisdom are finally broken and anyone can release knowledge with the only valid judgement coming from the users.
3. COMMUNICATION is socialized. To reach the people through the Internet you don’t need the classical mass media. With a simple blog you can express yourself and then the users will assess you, but not taking into account your education, position or friends.
4. PEOPLE’S links are socialized. You can reach any person anywhere at a ridiculous cost (just some electricity waste and a computer).
5. Relationships become INTERNATIONAL. If you have a little know how about the language and  culture of the different nations worldwide. 
6. INTERNET shows the greatest cost-efficacy ratio to get to know anyone worldwide.
7. The classical MASS MEDIA are now in second term.  Newspapers, telephone, and any usual broadcast become background now when thinking about commercial, profesional or non professional relationships focusing on their costs, safety and inherent values put forward by the Internet.
8.  TRADE relations change.  There is a technological shif related to the ONLINE MARKETING.
9. TRADITIONAL SHOPS will last for not so long. Unless services that require a physical approach due to an intrinsic value, like fesh foods. 
10. LATIN COUNTRIES. People is used to go out and buy things walking on the street, the kind and usually warm weather is the main reason for the slow acces to Internet shopping. But the aggressive endeavour of the companies offering huge discounts is beginning to chage the rules. Even ZARA is now embracing this aproach.
11. BRAND-NEW COMPANIES. PRIVALIA, BUYVIP, Etc…, they represent a paradigm shift because their customers buy very expensive and exclusive brands (BURBERRY, HILFIGER, RALPH LAURENT) with huge discounts above 40% through the Internet), working on a 24/7 outlet base.
12. METRICS. The web pages have established a new way of relationship with the customer.
Using some data (Metrics) we can know how many users/customers have reached the place every day, where do they come from, how long they stayed watching, wath did they see, if they want to complain or share friendly comments and, of course, what did they buy.
Obviously, the marketing campaigns are specifically targeted and can be customized daily.
13. The Incorporation of CUSTOMERS   to this new kind of trade formulae comes from “digital-born natives” (those who were born in this Internet Era and that usually surf through the network), but also from those who were born early and then understood and embodied the advantages.


Economical Power, Social Power, they both changed due to a technological shift, from the Analogical to the Digital Era.

POWER   in the ANALOGICAL ERA was based on:




 POWER in the DIGITAL ERA is based on:


2) FAIR ACCES to the Internet and its tools.
3) NETWORKING SKILLS   can help to break the lobby barriers and allow that anonymous but proficient people improve their strength (economical, communicative and collaborative).

by Octavio Ignacio Ruiz Ruiz email:oirmab@gmail.com

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  1. Qué perfección!
    Perdón no puedo hacer crítica alguna.
    Un blog en dos lenguajes.
    Octavio sería un placer que participaras como miembro de mi blog...
    Se llama Emprendedores Fieles
    Te espero!
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  2. Octavio
    Te necesito como miembro del blog, pinchaste participar en este sitio?, lado superior izquierda?, donde hay fotos?, te quiero como miembro sería un honor!, me parece que estás como seguidor...
    Voy a publicar tu comentario como una entrada te lo mereces, por tu humildad, sacrificio.
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    Saludos para un grande!

  3. Muchas gracias Lucia. Para mi es un auténtico lujo disfrutar de tú compañía en mi blog. Y espero colaborar contigo y estar a la altura que te mereces.

    Un Saludo


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